• Portable zaagtafels PipeBench 170

    PipeBench 170 is a real mate at renovation sites and it is also very handy for on-site pipe assembly jobs. It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you need to work with pipes.

  • Complete set

    Complete set includes:
    PipeBench 170 (1pc)
    Pipe Support (3pcs)
    Tool Bag (1pc)
    Chain Vice (1pc)
    Operating instructions (1pcs)

    Capacity: OD 15mm -170mm (0.6”-6.7”)
    Max load: 120 kg (265 lbs)
    Weight: 30 kg (66,1 lbs)
    Length: 1450mm -2520mm (57.1”–99.2”)
    Height: 700mm (27.6”)
    Working height: 875mm -1030mm (34.4”-40.5”)
    Material: steel, aluminum, plastic